Statistics, GIS, & Database Services

ABR is an innovative company that helps set the pace of rapid developments in data collection, management, and analysis. Our team includes ecologists and statisticians with strong technical skills in programming, as well as information technology professionals with a passion for environmental services.  We use the right tools to synthesize data sets that are often large and complex and deliver a variety of data reports and products to meet our clients’ needs.

Our services

Database Design & Management

  • Database design and management
  • Data collection apps for mobile devices
  • Data review applications designed for display and QA/QC tasks
  • Custom, data-driven, dynamic web applications
  • Interactive maps and other visualizations of data
  • Expertise in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL
  • Experience collecting, analyzing, and maintaining animal telemetry data

GIS & Mapping

  • Wetland, vegetation, and integrated terrain unit mapping
  • Telemetry data visualization and analysis
  • Geodatabase design and data management
  • Topographic analysis and viewshed modeling
  • Spatial analyses of map attributes
  • First Place in the "Digital Cartographic Project" category, 2005 Alaska Surveying & Mapping Conference, for a map poster entitled "Ecosystems of Northern Alaska". Project was a collaboration between Torre Jorgenson, ABR Inc., and Michael Heiner, The Nature Conservancy. Allison Zusi produced the award-winning poster. (link to "W:\raster_base\Alaska\North_Slope\TNC_Ecosystems_NorthAK\TNC_Ecosystems_Map_2004\2004_NoAK_Ecosystems_tabloid_med.pdf"

Remote Sensing

Biostatistics & Modelling

  • Spatial modelling of animal distributions from telemetry or survey data including occupancy, kernel densities, and Brownian bridge movement models
  • Stochastic population models for caribou and other large mammals
  • Multi-scale resource selection function analyses of seasonal distribution
  • Analysis of factors influencing avian movement rates from radar targets
  • Modelling probability of avian-wind turbine collisions based on turbine design
  • Post-construction analysis of avian and bat fatality rates at wind farms and transmission lines
  • Modelling of spring snow distribution from satellite imagery and field-based sampling
  • Random forest analysis to provide quantitative estimates of vegetation properties from satellite imagery and field-based sampling

ABR's triple bottom line: "Environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability"