Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

We specialize in providing environmental documentation of aquatic resources to organizations who are either working to develop resources or are working to manage or restore aquatic habitats, water quality, and fisheries resources. Our expertise includes the taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of North American fish species, as well as surveying freshwater lakes, streams, large rivers, and nearshore marine environments throughout Alaska.

Our services

Aquatic Habitat Evaluations

  • Fish habitat surveys, including measurements of stream flow, stream substrates, stream geomorphology, and riparian vegetation
  • Lake bathymetry and total water volume analysis
  • Limnology studies
  • Detailed photographic and video logs of project areas

Freshwater & Marine Fish Surveys

  • Fish surveys in lakes and streams
  • Beach-based and ship-based surveys of nearshore marine fishes
  • Pre- and post-project evaluations of fish populations
  • Fish age and growth studies including otolith processing, aging, and microchemical analysis
  • Amphibian surveys

Subsistence Fishery Monitoring

  • Fisheries harvest monitoring
  • Long-term fish population monitoring
  • Modeling of environmental and disturbance related drivers of aquatic conditions
  • Organizing community meetings and panels of experts for discussions on aquatic resources
  • Facilitating community engagement in management of subsistence fisheries

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Water quality sampling plans and analysis
  • Pre- and post-development assessments of water quality
  • Macroinvertebrate bioassessment surveys
  • Periphyton sampling

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