Marine Science

Marine Science

ABR’s biological oceanographers and seabird and marine mammal biologists have extensive experience with marine ecosystems from the Tropics to the Arctic. We’ve conducted numerous studies in nearshore and offshore marine environments throughout Alaska, the Bering, Beaufort and Chukchi seas, Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, and the Gulf of Alaska.

Our services

Marine Ecology

    • Environmental impacts of oilspills on seabirds, shorebirds, and marine mammals
    • At-sea distribution and abundance of marine debris, neuston plastic, and tarballs
    • Plastic ingestion in seabirds
    • Multidisciplinary oceanographic studies
    • Chief Scientist and Project Manager staffing on interdisciplinary oceanographic cruises
    • Biology of marine, estuarine, and anadromous fishes

    Marine Mammals

    • At-sea sampling of marine mammals with line-transect methodology
    • Analysis of line-transect data
    • Characterizing at-sea habitat use by marine-mammals
    • Baseline surveys for marine mammals for proposed coastal developments
    • Environmental impacts of oil spills on marine mammals
    • Biology of threatened/endangered marine mammals
    • Disturbance mitigation of marine mammals
    • NEPA documentation and permitting support

    Oil Spill Response

    • Rapid response impact assessments and habitat protection for at-sea oil spills
    • Assessment design and implementation for long-term impacts and recovery of wildlife and habitats
    • Studies focused on endangered species and species of conservation concerns
    • Subject matter experts for review of issues pertaining to marine birds and mammals
    • Litigation support


    • At-sea sampling of seabirds with line-transect methodology
    • Characterizing at-sea habitat use by seabirds
    • Populations, population trends, and biology of seabirds on nesting colonies
    • Light attraction in seabirds and its mitigation
    • Radar-based studies of nocturnal seabirds
    • Baseline surveys for seabirds for proposed coastal developments
    • Environmental impacts of oil spills on seabirds and shorebirds
    • The biology of threatened/endangered seabirds and shorebirds
    • Impacts of marine fisheries on seabirds
    • NEPA documentation and permitting support

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