Vegetation, Wetlands, & Landscape Ecology

Vegetation Science

Staffed by ecologists, soil scientists, wetlands specialists, and land rehabilitation experts, ABR's vegetation science team has decades of research experience in Alaska and other northern environments. For more than 35 years, our team has applied our vegetation and wetland science expertise to address a wide range of questions and research needs in ecosystems across Alaska and in the Lower 48. A particular strength of our team is our ability to integrate field survey data with high-resolution imagery and other remote sensing data to characterize properties of vegetation, soils, and other natural resources relevant to land management issues and regulatory requirements. Our mapping and data products routinely support the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements and Biological Assessments, landscape evaluations and risk assessments, wetland determinations and aquatic site assessments, soil and vegetation inventories, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) applications.

Our services

Ecological Land Surveys

  • Botany and vegetation science
  • Soil science
  • Geomorphology
  • Permafrost science
  • Environmental remote sensing
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)¬†
  • Multivariate analysis of environmental data
  • Synthesis of ecological patterns and processes
  • Landscape change detection
  • Terrain sensitivity

Land Rehabilitation & Restoration

    • Wetland creation and restoration
    • Mined land reclamation
    • Rehabilitation of sites affected by contaminant spills
    • Developing site-specific rehabilitation plans, including objective, quantifiable performance standards
    • Developing and implementing appropriate plant cultivation treatments
    • Seeding indigenous species and transplanting tundra sod
    • Monitoring vegetation response
    • Assessing surface stability and other physical site characteristics
    • Preparing reports to regulatory agencies for permit¬†compliance

    Vegetation & Soils Inventories

    • Botanical inventories¬†
    • Rare and invasive plant surveys
    • Floristic analysis
    • Long-term monitoring of vegetation and permafrost
    • Soil surveys and mapping

    Wetland Science

    • Regulatory compliance and permit consultation
    • Preliminary jurisdictional wetland determinations and wetland map production
    • Analysis of wetland functions & values
    • Aquatic site assessments
    • Mitigation and restoration planning
    • Wetland creation and restoration
    • GIS mapping & spatial analysis
    • Vegetation and soil sampling
    • Wetland status and change analyses
    • Wetland wildlife habitat evaluations

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